Summer Advises


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Summer is very soon and temperature start hike up ,and most of people start wondering ether they need to stop or go a head and keep the workout on going or to reduce the workout sessions and downgrade there consistency to the gym.

workout doesn’t have a season or a period of time, the person should be always active and sustain the exercises because body building is like an engine it should be always on if you wanna move and maintain your results, is unfortunately the main sport that if you stop for a long period you need to start again from the beginning and you lose more than other sports athletes do when they take a break.

In this article i am going to speak about the work out during hot seasons ,while your body is tired and we loose a big amount of liquids due to the sweat so instead of a break you can continue doing your exrcises and just reduce the intensity as most of the bodybuilders do , you can either reduce the sessions and keep the same level of exercises or reduce the exercise(weights,long programs) and keep the same number of session

What i usually do is instead of 7 exercises with 4 sets each , during summer i do 3 sets each with 5 exercises, and increase the breaks in between from 60 seconds to 90 seconds in between each set.

One more important thing is that we really need to increase our drinks during the workout , especially your daily water intake , and always avoid the hottest part of the day and wear lightweight clothing,its advised to drink water as i mentioned earlier but drinking too much water or over hydration can lead to hyponathermia AKA low blood sodium, and we always should train adequately and avoid getting to a situation when feeling faint or dizzy .

few of mistakes that most of us do during summer :

  1. avoiding electrolytes, when the temperature increases our body start loosing water through the sweat which is mainly an increase in electrolytes loss and the body needs more sodium and we need to concentrate on drinks that replace the sodium wasted and that does not mean those artificial sugar drinks but natural source like fruits , milk….
  2. Over training , don’t make the mistake of ignoring the exhaustion as exercising in summer heat can make it easy to brush off that sluggish feeling,but being tired isn’t something you should ignore ,if you feel dizzy faint or nauseated, listen to your body and stop whenever of this symptoms occurs.
  3. Drinking only when we are thirsty, is another common mistake that everybody does ,exercising in summer sun means your body is using water to regulate your temperature ,when your low on fluids the fatigue sets in and you can’t perform optimally . Always make sure you have a bottle of water next to you for long workouts,and drink a glass or two before heading out eve if you are not thirsty.

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