Get Shredded at home

Many peoples due to so many reasons cannot afford to spend tie at the gym for workout especially during long holidays in the summer which may cause a drop in there workout routine as well as the shape that they spend longtime during the whole year to build .

we decided on to maintain a follow-up during each season and to keep you guys updated during the whole year with programs & advises during each season ,in this article we designed a program for summer that can keep you fit and in shape during summer while spending 1 hour daily working out at home only.


Exercise 1 ;

Push ups , always start with push-ups 25 reps x 5 Sets

Exercise 2 :

Triceps Dips ,  you will need only a seat and you can workout using your own body weight put your hands on the edge of the seat keeping knuckles pointing forward with legs out in front bent at 90 degree position and feet pointing ahead , shoulders are down and elbows are close to your side then slowly bend your elbows creating a 90 degree angle while lowring your butt towards the floor , pause and return to sitting , keeping pressure on the heel of your hands  15 reps x 5 Sets.

Exercise 3 : 

Crunches , you need just a small mat or carpet then lie down on the floor,bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor,cross arms in front of chest then lift your shoulders towards the ceiling by using the abdominal muscles and pause at the peak of the movement without moving the entire back off the floor as this can cause back strain,exhale and contract abs as you go up then inhale and ease slowly back down until shoulders are flat on the floor , don’t just plop backward, control the movement repeat for 20 x 5 Sets with last one until failure .

Exercise 4 :

Squats ,stand with your feet and shoulder width apart and put your arms out straight in front of you or behind your head ,begin by pushing your hips and butt back while bending at the knees ,look straight ahead and keep your chest up and back flat , your back should remain in this neutral position by driving through your heels and you must maintain your body weight on your heels during the exercise repeat for 15 x 5 Sets.


you can end by a 20 minutes ruining or cycling what ever suits you , keep repeating this program every other day until your back from your holidays, those sets will maintain your shape and even make you more shredded during summer especially with a small sun bath on the pool or the beach .


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