Like everything in our life Bodybuilding sport has positives and negatives

Like everything in our life Bodybuilding sport has positives and negatives, of course there are so many positives in this sport as all other sports but sometimes when we cross the limits or when we break the rules of this sport, those benefits all will turn into very bad impacts that can harm our life and can be a life threatening case.

Everyone of us have that feeling to be the best that is great and it motivate each one of us to progress and to pursuit his dream which need a long way to go and to follow the steps that had been set by experts and champions who spend years working hard and make their dreams real.The mean issue that i have observed in many of youngsters  of this generation is they are looking for the short cuts and fast results, i seen guys who spend one month in the gym and compare him self with a person who spend years exercising or even a professional athlete who is actualy doing his job, hey his a bodybuilder who is preparing for a competition and he spend years in this sport with his doctor, dietetic,regular check-ups, So what happen is they will turn to the doping (Steroid/Synthols/ Hormones…..), as well as some of the Pre-Workout and energy boosters such as Creatine which less danger if we compare with Steroids, but it still harmful to our internal organs (Kidney and Liver) if not taken in a proper manner .

So lets go back to those puffing poisons and lets speak about the Steroid which it had killed many of the athletes and youngsters who looked for fast and perfect results and they end up either with some chronic disease or it cost them their life,Steroid is first of all a medication used to treat many disease such as arthritis and other inflammatory conditions,there are two types of steroids in our body one is the Corticosteroids and its produced in the adrenal gland these hormones include aldosterone, which helps regulate sodium concentration in the body as well as cortisol which produced by our body as a response to stress to decrease the inflammation, the second one is the anabolic Steroids and it used to regulate the testosterone production in the testis and ovaries and this part which is known also as The androgenic part of testosterone is involved in developing the male sex , under medical prescription and to treat some of the disease such as systemic lupus or rheumatoid arthritis patients are getting side effects after taking a dose, but when is injected with no prescription and irregularly it cause  many complications as many studies have proofed that steroid abuse can effect all parts of our body starting from brain by causing Aggressive Behavior, cataract and glaucoma,baldness and hear loss,lead to kidney stones and calculus when it taken by oral,breast development aka Gynecomastia, enlargement of prostate,ericticle disorders and reduced sperm count for men, and in dangerous cases it can cause death, But still bodybuilders ignoring all this warnings and use the steroid thinking that they will get the perfect shape even when some of them does its for a short period then it ends up with a list of disease and fat accumulation in many parts of the body especially on the chest and belly side.

Steroid and Creatine the benefit of this too is 1% and the side effects are 99% , so workout regularly follow a proper diet and recovery a normal protein shake post your workout is enough to replace 70% of energy wasted during the exercise and some of multivitamins and minerals are more enough to give you a good shape and keeps you healthy, we practice sport to save our health not to damage it by injecting weird materiels to our body,Stay away do not try this and share this message with all your gym colleagues that can save a person life.


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